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Community Coalition and Professional Development

Community Health Outreach Supported Coalitions with United General District 304

Concrete Summer Learning Advisory Team is comprised of staff and leadership from Community Health Outreach Programs, Concrete School District, North Cascades Institute, and the North Cascades National Park. This team provides program oversight, guidance, and resource development to the Concrete Summer Learning Adventure (CSLA) coordinator and planning team. CSLA, a five week summer day camp attended by Concrete elementary students, serves to bridge the summer food gap, reduce and prevent summer learning loss, and familiarize attendees with local public lands.

Concrete Resource Coalition(CRC) (CRC) serves Concrete and its surrounding communities.  The coalition brings together community agencies that serve youth and families, school district staff, mental health and health care professionals, community members, and more.  The mission of CRC is to develop and implement ways to respectfully meet the needs of youth, families, and individuals through collaboration, networking, and building community relationships.

The Concrete Resource Coalition meeting the 3rd Thursday of each month during the academic year, 1-230pm in the Commons at Concrete High School.

Visit us on the web at: www.concreteresourcecoalition.com  or www.facebook.com/concreteresourcecoalition.

Contact: Alyssa Pavitt, Coalition Coordinator at 360-854-7173 or Alyssa.pavitt@unitedgeneral.org

Concrete Trails Coalition began with help from the Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance (RTCA) program run by the National Parks Service. Now a Concrete Town project, this group is led by Mayor Jason Miller and involves interested parties passionate about planning, building and maintaining non-motorized trails to meet the needs of the community.To date, the group has:

  • examined existing trail systems (both formal and informal);
  • surveyed more than 100 residents and visitors;
  • developed a base map of existing trails;
  • reviewed the Imagine Concrete efforts for Silo Park and how that project could align with an expanded trail system;
  • drafted a trail system concept plan

A well-developed system of trails for recreation, transportation, and wellness will be an asset to Concrete and the East County community. Non-motorized trails promote tourism and economic development, provide opportunities for residents and visitors to safely walk and bike to local destinations, and promote physical activity. For more information, contact Concrete Mayor Jason Miller at goodwords@frontier.com or 360.853.8213.

Farm to School Advisory Team (Community Advisory Team: CAT) meets quarterly to receive Farm to School (F2S) updates, provide program oversight, problem-solve challenges, identify new opportunities and establish program goals and direction. CAT membership includes representatives from CSD, Community Health Outreach of United General District 304, the Town of Concrete, North Cascades National Park, North Cascades Institute, Community Action of Skagit County and WSU, plus local farmers, restaurateurs, parents, and community volunteers. CAT’s F2S goals for 2015-17 are to:

  • Secure funding for a .3 FTE Coordinator position to support procurement, staff development, and F2S activities in the cafeteria. This position will be combined with the .3 FTE Dig In! project staff funded by General Mills;
  • Provide culinary skills training to upgrade skills of food service staff;
  • Increase food service staff hours to accommodate preparation time for local foods;
  • Support local farms and farmers to the greatest extent possible through our F2S program;
  • Convert an unused CSD portable classroom into a permanent on-site Coordinator office, F2S activity center, and hub for garden-based enrichment and experiential cooking;
  • Install edible container gardens outside each elementary classroom, and plant blueberry bushes among existing school landscaping;
  • Identify opportunities and support teachers in integrating experiential standards-based F2S-supporting curriculum at all grade levels; and,
  • Explore opportunities for high school students to receive credits for working in the school kitchen; and initiate planning of a formal vocational culinary and farming program.

The Skagit County Child and Family Consortium (SCCFC) brings together community coalitions, service providers, and school districts who serve children and families in Skagit County. It empowers Skagit communities to support and respond to the needs of individual families and children, and improve the responsiveness of services for children and families by:

  • Providing community education and discussion opportunities,
  • Forming partnerships to strengthen existing resources,
  • Identifying gaps or overlaps in services for children and families most at-risk of academic failure, dropping out of school, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, and homelessness in Skagit County,
  • Developing the means to fill those gaps and increase service capacity, and
  • Promoting best practices.

The Consortium meets the third Wednesday of the month during the academic year from 9:00 – 10:30 AM at the Family Resource Center at 320 Pacific Place in Mount Vernon.

Visit www.sccfc.org or contact Lyndie Case at (360) 854-7176 for more information.

Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (SAPC) is sub-coalition of the SCCFC, made up of a variety of individuals who emphasize prevention as a response to drug, alcohol, and tobacco use in the Skagit Valley. This group has:

  • Created the Power in Numbers social norms campaign that has shown to be successful for reduction of underage drinking prevention;
  • Sponsored Spanish translation of “A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Underage Marijuana Use” and distributed this guide to families of middle school students in Concrete, Sedro-Woolley, and Mount Vernon;

and will continue to make the Skagit Valley a healthier place. SAPC meets on the first Wednesday of every month. If you’re interested in joining or would like more information, contact Tori Sanchez at (360) 854-7154.