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Chronic Disease Prevention
In Skagit County, a number of organizations have come together to form a coalition to address chronic disease prevention and risk reduction. In 2014, the Skagit County Child and Family Consortium (SCCFC) has expanded its scope to address chronic disease prevention through the formation of a chronic disease prevention sub-committee. This links SCCFC’s current focus on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), which are correlated with increased incidence of chronic diseases later in life, with prevention and risk reduction of chronic diseases.

ACEs and chronic diseases disproportionately affect residents with low education attainment and who are low-income and/or minority. The chronic disease coalition will continue to seek funding opportunities to build a better system for prevention, identification, risk reduction, treatment, and follow-up for all Skagit County residents to optimize their health and well-being at all stages of life.

Tobacco Prevention

In Washington State there are almost 900,000 adult tobacco users. In 2012, 16% of Skagit County residents reported cigarette and tobacco use. Tobacco use costs Skagit County $29.5 million in healthcare and lost wages every year. Smoking increases your risk for many health conditions.
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