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Positive Parenting Resources

Raising a child is a very rewarding, yet sometimes stressful experience. Overall, Americans with children report greater levels of stress than those without children (Mental Health America). Parents with additional resources and support can strengthen their family and provide a positive environment that fosters healthy child development.

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Community Health Outreach Programs of United General District 304

Strengthening Families is a free 7-week family education program that helps parents learn to effectively manage the challenges of parenting adolescents in a positive and supportive manner. Programs are available for English-speaking families and for Spanish-speaking families.

Family Matters is a family-directed program to prevent adolescents (12-14 years) from using tobacco and alcohol. The program encourages communication among family members and focuses on general family characteristics and substance-specific characteristics. The program involves successive mailings of four booklets to families and telephone discussions between the parents and health educators.

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