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Trek for Treasure new LOGO
Skagit County’s First Real Treasure Hunt!
This year one team will be crowned champion and take home real treasure

A One-of-a-kind Hiking Adventure

Trek for Treasure is a unique hiking adventure that brings together people who care about their fitness, enjoy the outdoors and embrace healthy competition.  Join us this summer on six hikes throughout Skagit County and the surrounding area. Your team of two or more people have two weeks to complete each hike, at your own pace and convenience. Hidden at the end of each hike is a treasure chest with a riddle inside. Complete all six hikes, solve the riddles, and locate the lost treasure!

Lost Treasure of Sir Francis Drake

In 1579, it has been reported that the famous privateer Sir Francis Drake traveled to the great Northwest. Legend has it that Drake buried a chest full of silver coins somewhere in the Puget Sound.  The treasure chest contains some of Drake’s most precious coins.

According to legend, Sir Francis Drake’s kept specific records of all his journeys in his personal diary. Drake’s diary included detailed information about his adventures; comprised of thorough maps, and riddles to the location of his many treasures.

After many years of searching, Sir Francis Drake’s diary has been discovered by a young explorer named Sir Mark Pearson. Pearson believes the diary contains clues, disguised in the form of riddles, to the location of Drakes treasure.

However, after thorough examination, it appears the diary is missing six journal entries… and without these journal entries the treasure is impossible to recover.

Sir Mark Pearson believes he knows the whereabouts of the lost journal entries and he needs your help recovering them. It is up to your team to travel the trails of the great Northwest, find the lost journal entries, solve the riddles contained on the diary entries, and be the first to find the Lost Treasure of Sir Francis Drake

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