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WIC foods meet the special nutritional needs of pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum people, infants, and children up to 5 years old.

How It Works

If eligible to receive WIC Program services, participants are provided with Healthy Food Benefits that are redeemable at authorized stores for specified foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, milk, cereal, eggs, cheese, juice, peanut butter, beans, canned fish, soy and tofu products and infant formula.

Benefits are loaded onto the participant’s WIC EBT card, which works like a debit card at participating stores.

Using Your WIC Card

Card Balance & Benefits

  • All benefits for your family will be on one card.
  • Buy only the foods you want at each visit.
  • Not all WIC-approved foods are approved for everyone.
  • Check your WIC Shopping List – WIC Staff can print your food benefit list.
  • Notice the date below your “Available WIC Benefits”. These are the dates that your benefits are available.

Before You Shop

  • Check your card’s benefit balance to see how much is available.
  • Make a grocery list, taking into account items that are covered by WIC.
  • View or download the Washington WIC Shopping Guide to see what foods are covered by WIC.
  • Use the WICShopper app to search for specific food items.
  • Use the WICShopper app to find a store near you that accepts WIC.

At the Store

  • Use the WICShopper app to scan the barcode of an item to see if it is covered by WIC.
  • Have your WIC card ready at check-out.
  • Tell the cashier you are using a WIC card before the transaction.
  • There is no need to separate WIC foods from non-WIC foods.
  • Swipe your WIC card first before any other payments, and enter your PIN number.
  • The cost of WIC-approved foods will be removed from your total.
  • Use other forms of payment, such as Basic Food/SNAP, cash, or credit to pay for the remaining items.

The WICShopper App

Download the App and Register

  • Download the WICShopper App from your app store.
  • Set a PIN number unique for your account.
  • Register by entering the 16-digit number on the front of your WIC EBT card.
  • Set a reminder for your benefit expiration! Go to the menu in the top left. In the settings, customize your app to notify you when your benefits expire.

Use the app to check your benefits

Explore the Features of the WICShopper App

  • View the benefits available to you.
  • Use the app to look up WIC-allowable foods when making your shopping list.
  • Locate stores that accept WIC.
  • Scan the barcodes of items in the store to see if they are WIC-eligible and if you have benefits remaining to cover them.
  • Access recipes to prepare for yourself and your family!

WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP)

NEW!! Buying fresh produce at the Farmers Market just got easier!

Starting this summer, WIC participants will have the option to use a QR code to buy produce at certain Farmers Markets. There are three ways to get your QR code:

  • Watch for a postal mailer from United General WIC — your QR code is inside
  • Call us at 360-854-0435, and we can email or text your QR code
  • Stop by our office during regular business hours

Stop by our WIC table on the dates/locations below to get up to $28 in additional Farmers Market benefits!*

  • Sedro-Woolley Farmers Market (617 Metcalf St.) on July 5, 12, 19, 26
  • Stanwood Farmers Market (8727 271st St. NW) | July 7
  • Concrete Saturday Market (45821 Railroad Ave) | July 8

*The additional FMNP benefits will be handed out on a first com, first served basis while supplies last. Any remaining FMNP benefits will be available to regularly scheduled clients or to call-in/walk-in WIC clients while supplies last.

Click to see how to use your WIC QR code. Instructions in English or en Español

FAQs for WIC Food Assistance

Why don’t I see any food benefits listed?2023-09-06T23:59:22+00:00

There may be a few reasons that you don’t have food benefits on your account:

  • You may have purchased all of your foods for the month. You can check your “Purchase History” on your WICShopper app to see what foods have been purchased recently.
  • Check to see if you have an appointment with us scheduled soon. If you don’t have your next WIC appointment scheduled or aren’t sure, call us at 360.854.0435. Please leave us a quick message if you get through to the voicemail. We will usually make your next appointment very close to your “Last Day to Use”.
  • If you have a new card or your card has been replaced, be sure to go to the settings menu in the WIC Shopper app and click “Manage Cards”. You can check that your card number in your app matches your current WIC card.
Do I need to separate WIC foods from non-WIC foods at checkout?2022-12-13T18:41:44+00:00

No, there is no need to separate your WIC foods at checkout. Tell the cashier you are using a WIC card before the transaction. Be sure to use your WIC card first, then use another form of payment for the remaining purchases.

How do I check my benefits balance?2022-12-13T18:42:10+00:00

The easiest way to check your balance is with your WICShopper app. Click to see how to read your My Benefits screen.

You can also check your balance by looking at the bottom of your most recent grocery receipt. For details on what to look for, see Shopping With Your WIC Card.

How can I get a WIC card?2022-12-13T18:42:21+00:00

If eligible, your family will receive one WIC card that will be issued when you enroll.

Interested in applying for WIC? Find out if you may be eligible, and make an appointment to apply.

Where can I find the WICShopper App2022-12-13T18:42:32+00:00

You can download the WICShopper App from the Google Play store, or the Apple App store.

For information on registering and using the WICShopper App, click here.

Where can I find a list of WIC-approved foods?2023-07-25T17:53:06+00:00

It’s important to remember that not all WIC-approved foods are approved for everyone. Your WIC clinic can print you a list of your specific food benefits, or you can check your available benefits on the WICShopper app.

*** The WICShopperApp WIC Shopping Guide has the MOST updated list of approved foods. ***

To see a general list of WIC-approved foods, see the WIC Shopping Guide.

Which infant formulas are WIC-approved?2022-12-13T18:42:54+00:00

Find out what infant formulas are covered by WIC, as well as information on formula recalls, on this Dept. of Health webpage.

How do I use my WIC card?2022-12-13T18:43:05+00:00

See the Shopping with WIC webpage for step-by-step info on using your WIC card. For more details, including reading your receipts, view the Shopping With Your WIC Card tool.

Call WIC: 360-854-0435
Fax WIC: 360-856-5094

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This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Washington WIC doesn’t discriminate. We will not ask about citizenship or immigration status. 

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