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The United General District 304 WIC Nutrition Program is committed to promoting factual & realistic nutrition information, supporting healthy behaviors, and encouraging active lifestyles. The WIC staff work towards a common goal that works for your family.

Nutrition education is offered in a variety of ways:

One-on-One Nutrition Education

Nutrition education available for all WIC clients:

  • Ideas for feeding your family healthy, appealing meals on a budget
  • Simple, kid-friendly recipes and tips
  • Ideas for healthy eating and active living for the whole family
  • Ask about our nutrition Topic of the Month

Registered Dietitian Appointments

Meet with our Registered Dietician to address special needs:

  • One-on-one appointments with a nutritionist to provide a variety of specialized nutrition education
  • Appointments offered to some participants based on initial health screening
  • Referrals to other providers for infants and children with special healthcare needs 

Online Self-Guided Education

  • Flexible online lessons at your fingertips that work around your schedule
  • Tools you can use to nourish your family
  • Includes hundreds of recipes that use WIC-approved foods
  • The WICHealth.org website is free and open 24 hours a day
  • You can use WIC Health from any device
  • You can learn, make, bake, create, & discover ways to make healthy changes for life

Nutrition Resources and Family-Friendly Recipes

Because we know there is a lot of nutrition information on the internet, some of which can be misleading or unsafe, we recommend these resources:

Explore MyPlate2022-12-30T19:35:27+00:00

MyPlate.gov encourages a healthy eating style based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025.

“A healthy eating routine is important at every stage of life. It can have positive effects that add up over time. It’s important to eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, and dairy or fortified soy alternatives. When deciding what to eat or drink, choose options that are full of nutrients. Make every bite count.” – MyPlate.gov

Food Hero to the rescue!2022-12-30T19:37:35+00:00

Find recipes, gardening, kids’ activity sheets and videos at FoodHero.org

Chop! Chop! Family Recipes2022-12-30T19:40:56+00:00

Find family-friendly recipes and a variety of information for children & parents to cook and eat real food together at ChopChopFamily.org

The Family Dinner Project2022-12-30T19:47:16+00:00

Eating a family meal is an opportunity for everyone to connect with each other through food, fun, and conversation about things that matter. Find recipes, fun activities, conversation starters, and advice for enjoying meals together at TheFamilyDinnerProjet.org

Health Tips During Pregnancy2022-12-30T19:53:25+00:00

Click here to find a variety of health tips for pregnant people, including a healthy eating plan that includes nutrient-rich foods and beverages.

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