Cubs Advocating for Mental Health and Prevention (CAMP) is open to high school age students in the Sedro-Woolley area. Like RISE, the adult group in Sedro-Woolley, CAMP is an active and collaborative club that welcomes everyone to the table. CAMP is involved on social media and reaches out to their followers and fellow students with positive messages and ideas for self-care, substance free fun events and mental health promotion! Since starting in 2016 (formerly known as WISH club), the group has learned about prevention science, facilitated activities for RISE, performed assessments of neighborhood stores on tobacco, vape, and alcohol advertising, and created activities for Sedro-Woolley High School students to practice positive skills.

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What do you do in CAMP?2024-06-17T21:08:12+00:00

Each year brings new students to the group and with new students comes new ideas and therefore, new projects! “What” we do changes year to year, but the goal of our group remains the same, to promote wellbeing and prevention in the community. In the past we have organized a safe homecoming campaign by tabling at lunch and participating in the homecoming parade. Upcoming projects this year include a poster of gratitude, a safe driving campaign, and a student led Vape Workshop.

What ages does this program serve?2024-06-17T21:09:21+00:00

This program is for high school age youth in Sedro-Woolley. However, the adult advisors of CAMP do our best to collaborate with the adult advisors from Cascade Middle School, who lead Sources of Strength. Click to learn more about Sources of Strength.

How much does it cost?2024-06-17T21:07:39+00:00

There is no charge to get involved in CAMP. Plus there are often opportunities for trainings and travel that are covered by our funders!


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