Here are a few ideas to help you get the most fruits and veggies out of your FVRx Bucks: 

  • Weigh produce sold by the pound to get a rough estimate of the cost. 
  • Group produce into piles of about $5 to get an idea of the total. 
  • Shop seasonal and sale produce to get the best flavor and value. 
  • Consider using your bucks to purchase a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box. If you’re interested, call 360-969-7191 ext. 3, or visit the Viva Farms website. 
  • Buy in bulk if it makes sense for your situation and storage. 
  • Many stores and farmer’s markets will let you sample produce or give you ideas about how to use items that are unfamiliar to you! Past participants shared how bucks gave them the freedom to try new foods. 
  • Shop the rainbow! More colors of fruits and veggies means a variety of vitamins and nutrients to keep you healthy. 
  • It can be helpful to wash and cut up veggies and store them in the fridge. Then you can just grab a healthy snack when hunger strikes.