At more than 100 participating farmers markets and farm stands, customers who use Basic Food/EBT can withdraw EBT funds to use as well as receive SNAP market match to stretch their food budget to buy more fruits and vegetables.

Info booths will have an EBT card reader. You’ll specify the amount of Basic Food you want to withdraw, they will then give you EBT tokens for that amount plus SNAP market match bucks up to the maximum daily amount.

EBT tokens can be used for fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, seeds and plants that produce food, breads, cereals, dairy products, meat, eggs, and fish. Dried, canned, or frozen goods.

SNAP Market Match “dollars” can be redeemed for: fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, and seeds and plants that produce food.

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Some farms accept EBT for their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs. Locally, Viva Farms and Long Hearing Farm are among those that accept Basic Food benefits and offer discounts for Basic Food customers.