Trek for Treasure: The Ultimate Summer Adventure Program

Article by: Mark Pearson, Active Living Program Manager
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For over ten years Trek for Treasure, a program of United General District 304, has been bringing people together to hike some of the best trails the northwest has to offer. The 12-week program is meant for people of all ages and fitness levels to enjoy the great outdoors. Starting in 2010 with a little over 100 participants, Trek for Treasure has grown into one of the most popular active living programs in Skagit County, with nearly 1,000 people participating in 2019.

How Does Trek for Treasure Work?

The general concept for the program has endured over the past decade. In teams of two or more people, Trekkers hike a specified trail at their own pace and convenience every two weeks. Hidden at the end of each hike is a container with a code inside that unlocks a riddle. The goal is to complete hikes, solve the riddles, and work together as a team in the end to find the last treasure. Each year has its own theme, storyline, trails to hike, and unique riddles and puzzles for teams to enjoy.

The Quest: A Treasure Hunt

Past themes have included extraterrestrial life, sasquatch, and haunted trails. This year’s theme, The Quest: A Treasure Hunt is based on a world of fantasy where mythical creatures roamed the land alongside humankind. The 2021 challenge will culminate with Trekkers searching for six treasures hidden throughout Skagit County and the surrounding area. Qualifying teams will compete to be the first to find one of these treasures. For the first time, six teams will earn the distinction of “Trek for Treasure Champions” and take home a trophy and prize.

Diagram of gemstones

New! Choose Your Levels of Hike Intensity

Level I - Earth Trekkers

For beginners or hikers who prefer easy to moderate hikes with less elevation gain

What to Expect

Distances will range from 1.5 to 5 miles in length round-trip

Elevation change will range from 0 to 1,300 feet

Level II - Sky Trekkers

For hikers who prefer moderate to intermediate level hikes

What to Expect

Distances will range from 3-10 miles in length round-trip

Elevation change will range from 0 to 3,500 feet

Also new this year, two hiking levels will be available for teams to select at registration: Level 1 for beginners or hikers who prefer easy to moderate hikes with less elevation gain, and Level 2 for hikers who prefer moderate to intermediate hikes. For all teams, safety is a top priority. Which is why, in addition to hiking levels, COVID-19 precautions and protocols are in place to protect our community. So, whether someone is new to the outdoors, a casual hiker, or an adventure enthusiast, Trek for Treasure can fit into anyone’s summer plans.

Register Now!

Put your treasure trekking team together and get ready to discover new trails, hunt for clues, and experience an adventure of a lifetime! Registration began on April 1st and continues through June 10th. Visit our registration page to sign up!

“Trek for Treasure is about having a good time, getting fit, and making memories with friends and family while exploring the beautiful trails of the great Pacific Northwest. It has been exciting to see the popularity and growth of Trek for Treasure and how the program has benefited so many people over the years.”

-Kyle Hooker, Exercise Physiologist, United Fitness Center

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