Breastfeeding video series

Visit the baby gooroo website for a series of helpful breastfeeding videos.

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WIC Breastfeeding Support website

Explore helpful information about breastfeeding at the WIC Breastfeeding Support website, including: Planning to breastfeed Starting to breastfeed once the baby arrives Overcoming challenges that may come up

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Can I go back to work or school and continue breastfeeding?

Yes, you can go back to work or school and continue breastfeeding. New laws require many workplaces to support breastfeeding employees. Ask your employer or WIC staff for more information.

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I have concerns about nursing in public

Have concerns about breastfeeding in public? Ask our WIC staff for suggestions at 360-854-0435. Washington state laws protect parents when nursing in public. Visit this website for more information about your rights and breastfeeding laws.

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Steps and signs of a good latch

Visit this WIC webpage for tips to help you get a good latch, and know if you have one. Nursing shouldn't hurt. If it does, get help by calling us at 360-854-0435, or texting our Breastfeeding Counselor at 360-333-1467.  

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Am I making enough milk for my baby?

You can make all of the milk your baby needs. Holding baby skin-to-skin while in the hospital and after going home, helps you make milk. Breastfeeding your baby whenever baby is hungry and exclusively breastfeeding for the first 4-6 weeks will protect your milk supply. Learn about steps you can take directly after birth and

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Is My Baby Getting Enough to Eat?

In this baby gooroo video with breastfeeding expert Amy Spangler, several new mothers talk about how to know whether your baby is eating enough, what color and consistency baby poop should be, and how often your baby should poop.

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The Benefits of Breastfeeding

There are many health benefits of breastfeeding, including: Reduced risk of ear infections, asthma, lower respiratory infections, diarrhea, eczema  Special time to bond with your baby  Nutrients in human milk change to meet your baby’s needs  Breastfeeding saves money.  Breastmilk is convenient.  Human milk is warm and ready to go whenever your baby is hungry  For

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Feeding Behavior & Hunger Signals

Between birth to 4 months, your baby will want to eat 8 to 12 times in 24 hours, usually taking 2 to 3 ounces at each feed.  At 4 to 6 months, they may still eat 6-8 times in 24 hours, usually taking 4 to 6 ounces at each feed. For tips on how to

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