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Trail Blazers: Volunteering with Skagit Trail Builders

Article by: Emily Karmy, CHES Est. reading time: 2 minutes What is Skagit Trail Builders? Skagit Trail Builders is a volunteer organization focused on building and maintaining multi-use trails and advocating for their connection to surrounding schools, parks, downtowns, and neighborhoods. Their mission is to create trails for Skagit

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New Funding to Prevent Youth Substance Use

Article by: Elizabeth Ruth Est. reading time: 3 minutes Burlington coalition receives $625,000 grant to prevent youth substance use! Most Burlington-Edison (and Skagit County) students do not use drugs and alcohol. However, if you ask a teenager, or even some adults, how many students use

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Concrete Farm to School: Healthy Eating during COVID

Article by: Emily Karmy, CHES Est. reading time: 4 minutes Concrete Farm to School, a program of United General District 304, has been providing access to local healthy foods, nutrition and culinary education, and hands-on garden activities for students since 2013. Their work has expanded over time into the cafeteria, classroom, community

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Suicide Prevention is Everyone’s Business

Article by: Emily Karmy and Elizabeth Ruth Est. reading time: 5 minutes If you are experiencing a mental health challenge or crisis please call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-TALK. In the event of a life-threatening emergency call 911. Right now, in the United States, a

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