Does Sedro-Woolley RISE only focus on alcohol use?

Underage alcohol use is the number one substance of concern for Sedro-Woolley RISE because, although most high schoolers don’t use alcohol, it is still the most frequently used substance. However, RISE is also implementing strategies to address marijuana use, nicotine, and opioids. We also focus on primary prevention strategies such as parenting classes, and social-emotional learning. 

Does Sedro-Woolley RISE only focus on alcohol use?2021-04-30T20:40:33+00:00

What is Sedro-Woolley Parents RISE campaign?

Sedro-Woolley Parents RISE is a campaign for parents/guardians of high schoolers in Sedro-Woolley that aims to spread the good news that MOST parents/guardians are setting their teens up for a healthy future and do not allow them to drink alcohol. By strategically sharing this good news, we expect to grow these positive norms - and as a result, reduce underage drinking. 

What is Sedro-Woolley Parents RISE campaign?2021-04-30T20:18:17+00:00
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