Pregnancy Connections Nurse

Call or text the Pregnancy Connections Nurse at 360-770-7743 to ask questions, receive guidance, and learn about classes and other supports. Visit HelpMeGrow Skagit for more information and services.

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Find a Dentist

DentistLink is a non-profit organization that will connect you with a Washington state dentist for the dental care you need to be healthy. They provide assistance whether or not you are insured.

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For information on vaccinations for all ages, visit the WA State Department of Health's Immunization webpage. Access your family's immunization records online here.


Family Planning

Mount Baker Planned Parenthood provides services in Mount Vernon, Bellingham, and Friday Harbor.

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Health Insurance – WA Apple Health

Ask WIC staff about getting connected to a Health Care Authority representative for assistance. You can read about health insurance options on the ParentHelp123 website.

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