Do I have to wait for Take Back Day to get rid of my meds?

Nope! In 2018, the Skagit County Board of Health passed Skagit County Code (SCC) 12.2, Secure Medicine Return ordinance, requiring pharmaceutical producers to pay for the collection and disposal of leftover medications. All Skagit County residents can safely dispose of leftover medicines for free in three secure and convenient ways: physical drop boxes or kiosks in

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Who puts on the events?

National Drug Take Back Day is held every October and April by the DEA in collaboration with local law enforcement agencies. Community organizations and local coalitions focused on substance use prevention can also help organize and promote take back day events with law enforcement. Take Back Day events are strategies approved by the Washington State

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Suicide prevention for farmers/ranchers — Washington State University Skagit Extension

Agriculture is known to be a dangerous occupation full of potential stressors like weather, changing economic markets, and machinery breakdowns. When these start to compound many farmers experience excessive stress, making it hard to move forward to positive solutions. Click here for information on coping with these stressors.

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