I’m stuck on hold with DSHS – how do I get through?

Unfortunately, due to staffing shortages at DSHS, it has been difficult for applicants to get through to DSHS and the wait times on the phone have been long. These tips can help you secure your interview faster: Call in the morning right when they open at 8 a.m. Avoid calling on Mondays Avoid calling the

I’m stuck on hold with DSHS – how do I get through?2023-05-24T17:36:51+00:00

Am I eligible for expedited service?

Generally, Basic Food Applications are processed within 30 days. Depending on circumstances, some households may be eligible to receive basic food benefits within seven calendar days of DSHS receiving your application. Some conditions where you may qualify for expedited service: If you have gross monthly income under $150 and have available liquid resources (cash, bank

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I’ve applied, now what?

After submitting an application, DSHS requires an eligibility interview by phone or in person to verify the info on your application. During the interview, DSHS will: Explain program rules Ask you questions about the information on your application Ask you for proof of your identity and family income Give you a copy of your rights

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If I can do this myself, why am I calling you?

Firstly, our friendly, non-judgmental staff will work with you and your schedule to fill out the application over the phone. If you get disconnected or need to reschedule, we will accommodate and adjust. We will pre-screen you to determine if you are eligible before we start the application process, which can save you time and

If I can do this myself, why am I calling you?2023-05-24T03:03:01+00:00

Do I have to apply with you over the phone?

No, there are several different ways to apply: The fastest way is to apply online at washingtonconnection.org. If you call us, this is where we submit your application for you. You can also mail in a paper application form to: DSHS Customer Service Center PO Box 11699 Tacoma, WA 98411-6699. Click to access the paper

Do I have to apply with you over the phone?2023-05-24T17:34:12+00:00

What do I need before I start the application process?

For the application you need: Your social security number Monthly income information for all working individuals in your household Employment information for all working individuals in your household Monthly housing expenses (rent, mortgage, utilities, car loan payments, medical costs) During your DSHS interview you’ll need to provide proof of identity which could be any of

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What is considered a household?

Your household size is the number of people you share groceries, cook with, and eat meals together. If you live with housemates, but shop and prepare your meals separately, your housemates are not included in your Basic Food benefits. You should list them on your application, but check the box that says “exclude from benefits.”

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I’m a student, am I eligible?

Any adult who is enrolled and taking at least six credits (half time) in an institution of higher education is ineligible to receive Basic Food unless they meet one of the exemptions (some listed below): Are under 18 or over 50 years of age Are employed and working at least 80 hours each month or

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I’m homeless, am I eligible?

If you don’t have a permanent address, you may still qualify for Basic Food. You can use the address of an authorized representative as a place to receive mail. If you are staying at a shelter, you can still receive Basic Food even if the shelter provides meals. If you are under 18, homeless, and

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I’m undocumented or a non-citizen, am I eligible?

Undocumented immigrants and people on business, tourist, or student visas are not eligible for Basic Food. If you have children born in the U.S., they are eligible for Basic Food benefits.

I’m undocumented or a non-citizen, am I eligible?2023-05-24T02:56:04+00:00
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