How do I use my FVRx Bucks?

Go to any participating store or farmers market with your FVRx Bucks.  Select fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs you want to purchase with your FVRx Bucks. For produce sold by the pound, get a rough estimate of the cost by weighing as you go. This will help you know how many FVRx Bucks you will need to use.  When checking out, separate

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What is the difference between FVRx Bucks and regular cash?

In many ways, FVRx Bucks are like regular cash. They are a similar size and shape to regular paper money, they are unique and non-replaceable, and they can be used at a participating store or farmers market in place of regular cash. There are, however, a few key differences between regular money and FVRx Bucks:  Bucks may be spent on all fresh fruits,

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